Orator is a customizable digital elevator messaging system designed to deliver bespoke messages such as elevator floor level information, safety instructions, hazard warnings, travel commentaries and in-store shopping offers.

The digital system delivers exceptional message clarity in a wide range of languages.  Customers can select from a comprehensive range of pre-recorded, library messages or create their own messages that can be programmed on-site using Formula Systems’ bespoke software.


  • 24 – 36v Input
  • In excess of 100 minutes playback
  • Connection via screened RS485 cable
  • Designed to comply with EN12015 and EN12016 standards



This system was designed to accommodate up to 15 user-selectable messages. The FSM 1 is ideal for low-rise elevators.


This system was designed to accommodate up to 106 user-selectable messages. The FSM 22 is best suited for high rise applications to announce floor levels along with additional direction, door activity and emergency messages.


With major advances in technology taking place every few years, regular updating of the central speech platform is critical. By taking advantage of the latest developments in microcontrollers (MCUs), storage technology and speech compression techniques, Formula Systems can improve speech quality, develop
longer message times, lower energy consumption and make it easier to programme new messages.

We have developed our 3rd generation speech platform, Orator 3, to do just this. Industrial applications cannot make use of short lived consumer based technologies. The industry demands products with long life-cycles.

This new platform is based on the ARM® Cortex® family of powerful 32-bit MCUs and single level NAND flash. The platform makes extensive use of the latest
digital techniques in voltage regulation and audio amplification improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Using an MCU instead of a dedicated consumer (short-lived) speech compression chip, such as an MP3 decoder, provides the flexibility to use whichever compression algorithm offers the best compromise of speech compression (lowest memory usage footprint) and speech quality. This latest design makes use of MP3 speech compression.

Adopting NAND flash storage means that total message time has been vastly increased. In addition to their own custom messages, customers can make use of Formula Systems extensive library of standard messages and languages to store large numbers of messages in multiple languages in each speech unit.

The Orator 3 speech platform is designed to be quickly and easily interfaced to a customer specific serial or parallel interface.


Enquiries are sent directly to our customer service team who will be in touch within 24 hours.

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