Elevate your expectations with the ground breaking Vision Plus elevator door safety solution, an ASME 2022 code-compliant innovation that integrates 2D and 3D technology seamlessly into each edge. Certified by the renowned Liftinstituut, Vision Plus stands as a leader in cutting-edge safety innovation in the elevator industry.

Cost-Efficient Installation with Edge Technology

One of the standout features of the Vision Plus is its unique approach to installation, eliminating the need for additional overhead-mounted detection units. By integrating all technology into the edges, Vision Plus reduces installation complexity, saving valuable time and resources.

With a maximum installation time of 2 hours per set and no tricky configuration required, Vision Plus streamlines the installation process and contributes to substantial cost savings for businesses.

Precision in Detection for Optimal Traffic Flow

The Vision Plus employs individual signal transmission and reception systems in each edge, enhancing detection precision. This advanced technology significantly reduces the risk of non-detection when passengers approach from different angles, ensuring a safer and more reliable experience. The system’s ability to accurately detect multiple people within the landing area further underscores its commitment to safety.

For better efficiency, if objects detected outside the door do not pass through the 2D detection system after a given time, the 3D detection is ignored allowing the door to close. This feature is covered in the code requirements and is key to preventing the prolonged holding of the elevator and optimizing traffic flow. 

Code Compliance and Certification

Ensuring the highest standards of safety, Vision Plus is not just code compliant; it has received certification from the esteemed Liftinstituut. This recognition demonstrates to the product’s adherence to the rigorous ASME and CSA 2022 safety codes, providing peace of mind for building owners, facility managers, and passengers alike.

Versatility for Every Door Size

Engineered for ease and simplicity, the Vision Plus can be installed on center or side opening doors, is not limited by door height and is available in two sizes; the FZU-1442 is tailored for standard door widths, while the FZU-1342 was designed for doors with narrower openings.

This versatility ensures that Vision Plus can seamlessly integrate with various elevator configurations within a building, making it a versatile solution for different architectural requirements.

Vice President of Global Elevator Sales at Formula Systems, Cornelius Wall, expressed excitement about the reception of Vision Plus since its launch. He comments ‘that while the product was specifically designed to meet the latest code requirements, Formula Systems’ engineers went the extra mile and have delivered an edge system that is driving a safer, smarter, and more efficient future in vertical transportation”.